"The Really Real Frog Band! Real Frogs!" Outfitted with miniature clarinets, drums, and other instruments are a band of stuffed amphibians. Has Reynolds gotten any complaints from the tip?
"No. They'd look at it, they'd say, 'Do these frogs play?'
and I'd say, 'Well, they used to.'
'Are they real frogs?'
'They're real frogs.'
'Why don't they play?'
'They're dead'"
(Taylor 1997, 22-23).
Alas, I do not recall the name of the site I got this text from… but I Hope you enjoy the picture it inspired.


La niña del lapiz said...

WOOOO Is Great :-)

Rico said...

hahaha -- these frogs are great!

mike r baker said...

Ha! Too funny! I love your composition and coloring.

Catalina Alvarez said...

Really nice illo!
I love the composition.

A-R Dumont said...

Beautiful illustration :) I love this idea and the picture is great. Nice work here on your blog. So many great illos and I love the building concept sketches.

Shawn Scott Palmer said...

I do like the art the text has inspired. Great stuff!...and thanks for the comment :)

Anonymous said...

I really love this one. Your composition is great :)
I love that header you have too.

Curious Art said...

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog, Emily-- I have a snippet from a pretzel box above my drawing board that says "Individually Twisted!" Words to live by.

And I see you do too! There are so many delicious curiosities on your site. This piece in particular knocked my sox off-- I actually saw some of those dead-frog diaramas as a child, which is probably one of the influences that warped me for life.

I've bookmarked your blog & will be back for more!