travel dust...

…slowly recouping from a delightful and hectic tour of cities (Venice, Ljubljana and Zagreb)… I am shaking off the travelling dust!

But no rest for the wicked! Or so I hear… and as I have a few moments to spare I want to shout out to some great fellow bloggers out there… (I have been sadly neglecting everyone…)

First to Jonathan who is a shiny new blogger so go pay him a visit and make him feel welcome!

Second to Truska for the lovely bookmark she sent me in the post! I love it to bits!

And third to Yoon See and Bella Sinclair for giving me a lovely nomination (now ages ago), I once again didn’t have time to pass on but really really appreciated!

Oh! And stay tuned for the next episode of Zoe and Dante! Should be up tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Hi Emily...Glad to see your posting again!!!

love your cute bunny....and I will pay your friend a visit...

and that bookmark is so so cool!!! love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful day....


yoon see said...

Hi Emily,

I agree with diana evans, I love to see and appreciate your artworks and bunny stories..
just can't wait until tomorrow. He..He..
Your bookmark is so brilliantly done. I love your cool signature with a smiley:) here
For your info, I do collect bookmark. Do you have spare bookmark on sale? I do like to buy them from you Emila. Please advise.
I also have a friendship award for you. Please drop by when you are free.
Yoon See

Anonymous said...

WEeeEeeee!! Can't wait for the next Zoe and Dante episode tomrro...wait... it's tomorrow now!! Yaaaaay!

Really, no pressure, but loving your ongoing story.

Emily said...

oh... um... the lovely bookmark is by truska, she does sell them if you want one!

thanks everybody!

jmigration said...

Hi Emily, thanks for the link. I didn't see it at first so that's why I'm also able to say I really enjoy how your Dante story is going. Still great illustrations, and I think getting even better. It would be nice if you could eventually get the whole story published in book form...