dirigibles and submersibles ONE

I'm so excited about this sketchbook for the 2010 sketchbook project. And it almost goes without saying that Zoe and Dante are in on the adventure. So please, enjoy the first sneak peak.


ale balanzario said...

Hi Emily, I really enjoyed your video, you did a very good job, hope bunny is now more relaxed about dirigibles. :D

Emily said...

Thank you!
He's not quite convinced yet but I'm working on it ;)

IstvanBloggin' said...

This really looks great, i like how you've combined drawings and photos.

Junko Miyakoshi said...

Hi Emily!
Great stuff as usual!
I'll be looking forward to seeing the rest!! :)


harold eswar said...

this is crazy man...love your work... i draw myself...come see my blog http://mustardseeddesign.blogspot.com/

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh, you TEASE, you TEASE! I cannot wait to see more. And that pile of Dantes in the end -- LOVE!

donny* said...

Wow! Looks absolutely fantastic!! Unfortunately, I won't be finishing mine in time. There's always next year. :)

joseph's art and stuff said...

looking forward to seeing your book in seattle!

tsu-mina said...

Excellent! Great idea, sooner or later I'll see your bunny on TV :-)
Have a nice Christmas.

theartofpuro said...

It looks great!Have a Merry Xmas!

Bjornik said...

Oh WOW Emily! This looks exciting! I can't wait to see the completed project, hurry up please!haha Merry Christmas to You, Zoe and Dante!:)

Inge said...

Hello Emily,

searching on the internet for " submersibles" I found your photo with your bunny and the sketchbook.

I'm in the sketchbookproject too and I have the same theme, but I'm not an illustrator and certainly not such a good drawer as you, so I rely on images for collage, stamping, etc.

I'm curious what you come up with for your book ! So Ill bookmark your website so I can come back and have a view insight in your book when it's finished.

I'm from Belgium, so I won't have the chance to see the sketchbooks in real life :(
but maybe I can see more of yours on your website and enjoy this !

Anyway, your video was great and teases me to see more of you !

greetings from belgium

Mary said...

That is really cute :-) Look forward to the dirigibles!

jazzlamb said...

What an absolutely delightful journey to the beginnings of your sketchbook Project :)
I'm sure it will be amazing!
And a happy new year to you :D

Ylva said...

det stod något om sverige i din profil så jag antar att du kan svenska, jag orkar inte skriva på engelska hehe.
MEN, du är så himla duktig på att rita! en sann inspirationskälla och du har ett gott öga för detaljer!
jag gillar verkligen din stil!

konvalia said...

I also participate in the sketchbook project:))!

Yasmin said...

Hi dearEmily , Congratulations for the great project!
I want you to have a new fabulous year and that dante and Zoe continue having fun with their adventures.

Unknown said...

Hi! that bunny is adorable!
I just started following and I hope to see him more often :D

Seth Fitts said...

These characters would be great for a book, if they aren't already. I think it very clever with the drawings being cut out, giving them a sculptural quality.
I am glad to have seen your work and hope to see more!