all shiny and new

As beginner at blogging I have been exploring what’s out there, and can really feel the learning curve to come! There are so many talented people out there doing beautiful work, it would be easy to get depressed. I have however decided that to wallow isn’t really my thing, besides seeing all those creative endeavors has set my inspiration aflame!

These past years I have been neglecting my drawing… I do not mean I haven’t been drawing, just not really enjoying it, a rut of sorts you could say, or even under stimulation. Most people know that you can’t just wait for inspiration; you have to work with the time limits at hand, well last night I was so inspired I didn’t fall asleep till 4am!

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Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

hey I know what you mean...sometimes it can get a bit depressing with all the talent out there, but I have to say blogging has been so fun and most of the time seeing other people's awesome work is inspirational.

You have great work here, awesome line work!