the process

Half the fun is the process… An idea, taken to paper, mulled over and then step by step conceptualized. However the final products turn out, I often find myself surprisingly endeared with how I get there! Test models and sketches… strewn across my floor along with scraps, raw materials and a half dozen teacups.

My latest project was a Christmas calendar filled with candy. What started as a drawing with numbers took a wrong turn…when I got hung up on planning the compartments! Meticulously outlining each number to make a pocket big enough to fit the goodies… things took a turn for the worse as I realized my need to make even this sketch look aesthetic! I blame my schooling… When presenting a project; we are often encouraged to include sketches of the process, in other words every step has to become presentable and selling. This approach works as long as you realize not every sketch has to be perfect. For me it the ultimate way to develop my ideas…if sometimes into the wee hours of the morning!

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