still not a princess

Spent this weekend in the country - where I saw this little prince of a toad. Isn’t he just the bees’ knees?
Oh! And the new Zoe and Dante illustration should be up later today. I’m just finishing off the last strokes - wish me luck.


tusen said...

the toad looks so serious :)
I can't wait for the new illustration.

yoon see said...

I agree with you, I love his handsome look.
Not many will agree but just love prince of toad.
I have a green toad money bank displaying on my open selves top.
Loving it and loving it!

Love your photography skill too.
Very beautiful shot:)

What camera you are using Emily?

yoon see said...

OK, I will come and check back.
I will you the best of luck:)

laughingwolf said...

he IS a cutie patootie :)