one little bunny

It's December! Time to spread the yuletide bunnies!

November was crazy -  between work and PiBoIdMo (Which was amazing by the way.) Participating in Picture Book Idea Month yeilded oodles of new story ideas, that have been faithfully scrawled into my writing book - I even discovered a new character that isn't a bunny. Don't fret lots of bunny tales where discovered too.
This month will be big with the drawing though - I have a sketchbook project sketchbook to fill and naturally I'll be posting some of the pages here - Yay!


ti-igra said...

Hello to you and the bunny! :-)
A new character? Interesting! We can meet with him soon? It's so fun to chat with you!
Can I ask you, Emily, how become a member of this sketchbook project? It is really interesting! :-)))

theartofpuro said...

Adorable!Happy December!

jazzlamb said...

Hello Emily. Nice to see the blog up and running! You've got some some lovely work as usual and I wouldn't mind greeting some of those Yuletide bunnies in my balcony!
Hugs from India:)

Bella Sinclair said...

WOOHOOO! Congratulations! And you're doing the sketchbook project! Wow! You are oozing with creativity and talent.

Hellooooo, cute bunny!

Amber said...

I love the wreath!

donny* said...

Oooh! A lovely holiday treat. Love the illustration.