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Hi everybody! I just got back from an inspiring visit to Montreal & New York, and I am more than ready to get back to the drawing board. *smiles* Just wait until I introduce you to Freckles the alligator!
But first, just before leaving on my trip I did an interview for InspirU Coo Coo and I’ve included below my answer to the question ‘describe your illustration process’. For the full interview follow the link.
Hugs everybody. Good to be back, and I can’t wait to go visit you all soon.
‘scruffies’: term I use for the comfy and by no means sexy clothes I wear when working in my home studio.
I draw a thumbnail sketch... here is an example of an actual thumbnail sketch and the respective final image 
I scan the thumbnail and enlarge it, then print it out and use it as a backbone for the detailed drawing on the light table.
If relevant, I figure out the perspective points. I often tape multiple extensions to the image for the perspective points and use really long rulers. 
I draw the basic image in pencil
I then ink the image

Finally I fill in the texture. I sometimes scan the image and test different lighting gradients on my computer before applying them in ink.
However when I doodle, I just put pen to paper and try not to think too much.

Have a great day, and again you can find the rest of the interview here.


Elina Ellis said...

How incredibly interesting!!!! I love what you do!!! I think that you are a brilliant illustrator! it is amazing how such simple drawings can be so expressive!

Ana M.F. said...

This is so great, I love how the process is explained with your drawings. Thanks for sharing :)

martinealison said...

Il est toujours très intéressant de voir l'évolution d'un travail... Le vôtre m'éblouit.
Gros bisous

E.V. said...

awesome...thanks for sharing your process!!

June said...

Fascinating (as 'Spock' would say!)

I had no idea you did it all by hand with pencil and then pen.
I had assumed such patterned and intensive line work was digital - I am glad I was so wrong! It's great that traditional drawing skills continue to be used.

Sarah Melling said...

Thanks for sharing this, Emily! It pays off to get the details right, as in using correct perspective. It's that foundation that lets the "doodles" take on such life, I think!

Francisco Martins said...

Emily, this is so awesome!
Congrats on this amazing interview :) It as really great to see your work process, you are indeed a genius!!

Keep on rocking :D


Rain Girl said...

So inspiring. Am in so much awe I don't know what to say... thanks so much sharing this :)and keep drawing rabbits, they make the world seem so less dreary.

John Lechner said...

I've always wondered how you do your amazing drawings - thanks for sharing this this! Very inspiring!

donny* said...

Awesome work! Thanks for sharing your technique.

Peter Breese said...

Very awesome Emily - dig the vid.


Bella Sinclair said...

WHOAAAAAAAAA!!!! I am in such awe!!!! Holy moly, you are crazy-impressive. Fascinating process. Thanks for sharing it. And I LOVE Freckles!!!

Amanda Dilworth said...

Great to see your work in progress, i love the way you perspective to such great effect in your illustrations.