and now, some penguins

I’ve been thinking of penguins lately - penguins in sweaters to be precise! It’s almost become something of an obsession, as doodle after doodle features a flappy sea bird in a finely knit jumpers.

It all started with the call for knitters to aid the oil exposed penguins in New Zealand. And seriously, when you see a picture like this (link to image), tell me you don’t feel the urge to draw handsome penguins too.

So here is a little charmer getting a soapy scrub down as his friend is distracted by a suspicious scarf.


Tammie said...

adorable and witty, or should i say knitty.

I could not believe that little penguin in a sweater ( your link)!

Bella Sinclair said...

Hahaha, oh YES! I did see this and had to smile BIG (although the whole reason they have to wear sweaters in the first place is awful). Just when you thought penguins couldn't get any more delightful...! Your little guys are perfectly adorable! Love your linework. Just love it!

Junko Miyakoshi said...

I love love loooove penguins!!!
Your piece is lovely (as always!) and thanks for sharing the story.
It's very sad but inspiring at the same time.
Penguins do look very nice in sweaters :)


Ces said...

Sigh*** I am running out of superlatives. I just absolutely adore your art.

Fourborne said...

I love your drawings. The pen work is so neat.

Funaek said...

Such adorable penguins! Thank you for keeping them warm and snuggly in the cold. I love your pen work - it's inspiring! I wish I had the patience and ability to do such detailed and beautiful lines.

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Wow penguins in sweaters is really an amusing and astonishing have just come out with such a creativity really...I just have a craze of penguins really..!!

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