day Twentyfive

To play the calendar through from day one or to leave a comment, see the post below

This interactive December calendar countdown to Christmas featuring Zoe and Dante is a work in progress and may not always be up in time or bug free, but if it's not working please check in later and hopefully we'll have sorted it out. 

The advent calendar is part of a collaboration I'm doing with a fun gal from New York called Wei. Eventually it will be polished up to a rosy shine - But seeing as that may not be until spring, and melting snow tends to make Santa’s festive attire smell of wet wool and cinnamon (a romantic notion in theory but a bit of a turnoff as you prance through the daffodils) I’ve decided to the advent calendar as it is now. 

If your device doesn’t support flash I’ve created vimeo videos of each animation. To watch these videos please follow this link to where I’ve collected them all for easier viewing.

Again - to play the flash version calendar through from day one, follow this link.


Pinecone Stew said...

Have a Wonderful New Year!

Fourborne said...

I love your work. You inspire me, and now you are animated. Love it! Have a great New Art Year.

Lisa Thompson said...

Emily you are amazing! I love seeing Zoe and Dante come alive. My boys were mesmerized. Would you consider posting a tutorial on how you do it?? Have you ever created an interactive book? InteractBuilder has a contest on to create an ebook - you could totally win (