buildings with Lego

I made a Christmas wish list this year for the first time since I was around 12 or so… in a spurt of nostalgia, and why not! To indulge that inner child is healthy, not to mention fun! And my inner child is hoping to get some Lego, the generic pieces of course, not a set. As a kid I loved to build space stations, I would draw primitive but detailed “blueprints” then realize them in Lego. This wonderful medium has been in the history of many an architect, and is still in use on the occasional model.

To my increasing sadness Lego sets are less assorted pieces and more specific and often large components … you can no longer as easily redesign the specific pieces to be something of a different nature. Kind of like prefab construction, that in all fairness, unlike a modern Lego set, is becoming more and more innovative and diverse.

Bjarke Ingels Group, BIG, made an amazing 1:50 scale model (seen above), that was on show at New York’s storefront for art and architecture, alas the exhibit ended in November 07. Above post, a rapid motion video of the build!

For a taste of other model builds using Lego check out Building Asia brick by brick with a series of majestic white models by different architecture firms. The show will be touring till 2008, with the purpose of raising money to increase awareness about architectural preservation in Asia.

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