naked critters and friends

A friend of mine asked me one day if I could pose nude for her. She was doing a series of full body portraits morphed with animals. I passed on the offer rather self-conscious as one can be from time to time, which is a pity, because the set turned out beautifully!

Karin Käll is an artist I have had the pleasure of seeing develop over the years. We met in small town Horfors, Sweden, at a school for illustrators and graphic novelists… aka a comic book school (do not get me started on that place!).

She has since taken on new styles and a boldly exhibitionistic sense of humor, which I have come to appreciate. She writes her strips in Swedish but some of her illustrations alone are worth a peak! Of course she is my friend, and I may be prejudiced, so check her out here, and see what YOU think!

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