Like soooo many before me I am fascinated by graffiti! It all started on a trip to Berlin Germany. I was there to study architecture, a mix of the old/bullet ridden and the boomingly new. The neighborhood we lived in had done something I had never seen before, it had embraced graffiti! The first and second floor of almost every building was covered in it, and it was beautiful! Many of the stores even used it to advertise. It was an aha moment, and for the first time I began to see the art behind the act. I understand the anger behind footing the cleanup bill for someone else’s actions, but I also think there is an unnecessarily negative stigma about what can be exquisitely beautiful art. That said, not every tag is a masterpiece by far!
There are many books on the subject these days, yet I still feel alone sometimes when scanning the cityscape for the next treasure… like I am in a secret art gallery for those who take the time to see.

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