When I was in Vietnam a couple months ago I remember my “easy rider” guide teasing me for my choice of photography subjects… to him it was odd of me not to take the “this is me in front of (fill in the blank) monument” picture. Like many others before me I realize that the experience is in the details, the cracks in the walls, the faces on the street, the smells, the lighting, the weather and my favorite… the graffiti. These things are ever changing they are the fragments we store unknowingly and give us that feeling, that energy, they feed us or break us down… they are the city.

To try and see the details and underlying reality takes a lot of practice… some talent and a good camera. It’s so easy to get a bit full of yourself though… good thing I got a sense of humor!

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Anonymous said...

After an all to brief glance at the blog, I have to say that I MUST come back and have a closer look. Interesting look at 'graffiti'. mm